23 Dec

Christmas Promotion – Holiday Loan with a commission of 0%


The Christmas season is for many people the most beautiful time of the year, but also traditionally the time of increased spending. Fortunately, we can deal with them more and more easily thanks to various loans and credits. The more so because now they are often offered on promotional terms. Loan before Christmas – it is only available online, with a commission of 0%.


What does the promotional loan offer?

What does the promotional loan offer?

Holiday Loan is a banking internet loan – it can be used only online, and on promotional terms only once. What is extremely important, it is a fast loan without earnings certificates – it is only requested by the Internet according to the so-called simplified procedure, and the funds can be even on the same day on the bank account.

Here are the most important conditions for the Holiday Loan:

  • loan amount – it can range from 500 to 4600 PLN
  • loan repayment period – from 3 to 24 months
  • commission – 0%
  • interest rate – fixed 7%

Our promotional online loan terms are very beneficial. If you borrow PLN 1000 for a period of 12 months, the cost of our loan will be only PLN 38.24, and you will have to pay PLN 86.52 a month (example from December 20, 2018) – the figures are derived from the online slider available on the website).


Is it worth using the promotion?

Is it worth using the promotion?


Holiday Loan with a 0% commission is certainly an attractive offer that perfectly fits the pre-Christmas cash needs of many Poles.

Its advantages are simple rules and a simplified way of completing formalities – everything takes place remotely via the Internet, and the client does not have to provide certificates of earnings from the employer.

Some will certainly complain about the relatively low maximum loan amount. However, one should look at it from a different angle – the promotion has started before Christmas, so even though borrowed money can be used for any purpose, they are primarily to help us organize holidays, buy presents, etc. The maximum loan amount will certainly be enough in many cases also for short ski trip.

Low loan costs and the possibility of spreading its repayment even for 2 years are another advantages of the offer – it is certainly worth being interested in, if we just need extra cash, and we do not want to tighten the belt after the New Year to pay off the debt.

The promotion lasts until further notice.


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